Every even-numbered year, the Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. brings together people from every phase of the petroleum industry. Leaders come to Odessa, Texas from every corner of the world to learn about the latest technology, the newest equipment, to transact business and renew friendships. Unlike most exhibitions, the Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. is a non-profit venture whose sole purpose is educational, designed to serve the oil and gas industry. Run by oilmen, its mission is unwavering and its commitment is the single most important factor in its overwhelming success.

The Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. not only showcases the very latest technology, it also honors the industry's past. A working cable tool rig operates daily on the show grounds during the three-day show, surrounded by trucks and oilfield equipment from the 1930's, a key growth period for the industry in the Permian Basin.


Images courtesy of the Midland Reporter Telegram


This world-wide event began humbly in 1940 as the "Little International Oil Show" with a mere 35 exhibits in the then boomtown of Odessa, Texas. The Show lasted two years before World War II intervened. Then, in 1950, oilmen from around the Permian Basin revived the project. The group formed a non-profit corporation and The Permian Basin Oil Show, Inc. was established. The show was presented again in October 1952 and has been held every two years, on the even numbered years, since that time.  Because of the growing interest of foreign exhibitors and attendees, the name was changed in 1994 to The Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc.  

The 2018 Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. will have over 700 Oil & Gas related companies exhibiting in 1,167 spaces. Over the years the show has grown not only in size but in importance as well. Having survived the booms and busts, industry slumps and slow-downs, wars and embargoes, the Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. is still one of the largest Petroleum Expositions in the world today.

2016 Show Honoree

Gillham.jpg Richard Gillham



SteveCastle.jpgStephen Castle
Cowboys Resources Corporation

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